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Do you believe that your know-how is a value to be protected?

Have you ever measured how much your know-how is worth?
Could you take a census of how your know-how is made up?


The IBM culture of the 1970s tied computer security to physical security. Gates, doors with opening controlled remotely by a security officer, access control with closed circuit cameras, doors with opening from the inside, badges, etc.

Now the technology is so diverse and this area of safety is felt in its genuine gravity on a planetary level that new technologies have become accessible.

We have adopted it and have verified how painless and almost imperceptible the impact on costs and on operations and on the organization has been.


Knowing our components helps you to know what we could do for you.


We can just participate – marginally – in restructuring your infrastructure making it easier

it serves as a single point of truth for all your assets.

Last Updated on February 13, 2024