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Who we Are

The founder – after a university course in mathematics – began his work adventure from an applied research institute in the aerospace field to continue in the engineering of a primary American multinational in the military aeronautical sector. 

He has always surrounded himself with technicians who grew up in the university world, with managers with decades of experience in international trading, with small and medium-sized entrepreneurs from Lombardy (the Italian basin that has had the most luck in excellent international marketing).

He has never neglected his ties with American companies, creating long-lasting partnerships.

He has also established solid ties with Japanese culture

It has undertaken a long period to create a vast pool of developers from all regions of the world with particular attention to Albania which has proven itself as the most effervescent software development reality in the whole world so much so as to focus the interest of Italian companies, large American companies, and many other important start-ups and consolidated European and primarily German software houses, supplanting the common global perception enjoyed by Indian and Baltic developers.

If books chart your path, then our milestones over the last 40 years have been:

  • Read in 1985. How to frame and therefore solve all types of problems. The New Rational Manager, 1981. C.H. Kepner & B.B. Trigoe.
  • Read in 1993 How creativity can be put at the service of innovation and problem solving: Serious Creativity, Using the Power of Lateral Thinking to Create New Ideas, 1992. E. de Bono.
  • Read in 2008. How the world of work and production is changing: The New Pioneers. The Men and Women Who Are Transforming the Workplace and Marketplace, 1999. T. Petzingher jr.
  • Read in 2009. How marketing is the engine of every successful business: The pro-active company, 2000. E. Valdani.
  • Read in 2015. How and why now is the time to take risks to stay competitive: The new age of Innovation, 2008. C.K. Prahalad & M.S. Krishnan.
  • Read in 2020. Nowadays the business model is the real source of innovation: The Businees Model Navigator, 2014. O. Gassmann, K. Frankenberger, M. Csik.
  • Reread in 2023. Fuzzy logic as a new paradigm that will govern computer science and artificial intelligence in the next five years: Fuzzy Thinking, The New Science of Fuzzy Logic, 1993. B. Kosko.
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