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Our Mission

Our never-changing mission was to dedicate ourselves to the design and implementation of solutions and services with which our customers could reduce the workload of their employees. 

The benefits have always been with a 12-month ROI because the costs have become sustainable, the TTM (Time-to-Market) of their services has been greatly reduced and they have managed to free up resources to dedicate to new businesses or make other services more efficient.

We do not see customers and suppliers as cash cows or as cows to be spared the hay but as partners (sorry, I meant stakeholders) and as such share their IT environments to make processes without the risk of human errors, gaining in slimness, speed, efficiency.

Obviously, data protection remains rigorous, full compliance with digital sovereignty in which the fences are always rigorously manned and protected.

Our solutions reduce costs because we try – if possible and when possible – to favor integration rather than custom development.

For example, integrate CRM and use them as a framework to reduce the development of boring, expensive front-ends whose UX is never definitive.

We are certainly able to create portals, websites, market places with easy and immediate CMS, with WordPress and WooCommerce in first place, which represent another pillar for saving on the development of custom front-ends with prohibitive maintenance costs.

With these assumptions, the workforce can be “hybrid” because the team is immediately created with temporary, part-time collaborators with specific skills suited to the project. After the project, the team breaks up to create one more suitable for maintenance and those freed resources can be taken back when their skills are key for the new order. We have no constraints on culture, sex, religion, country of citizenship, time zone because we have created an efficient management of projects and human resources with flexible, adaptive engagement criteria that are appreciated by the resource and the customer.

All this increases profitability for our client/partner company by reducing hidden and creeping costs.

But with some of our customers we manage to push the collaboration to the point of creating short, medium and sometimes long-term joint ventures. We share the expenses, risks and economic returns in shares that make each member of the joint venture happy.

We interpret every new project as a new opportunity from which new businesses can be born if we are smart enough to see them immediately and convert them into business just as quickly. Precisely for this reason we accept a new order only after having evaluated the market, competitors, partners and having understood that this order fits into our entrepreneurial vision.

In the joint venture and in every order we are not afraid to invest and take risks by sacrificing part of our profit to innovate and to find how to convert this new solution into “servitization”. This unfortunate term means that we must be able to convert a solution into a service to create new business structures with the most adaptive business model.

So we are not afraid to experiment every time

  • new programming languages;
  • new architectures;
  • new platforms;
  • new human resource management approaches;
  • new methodologies;
  • new joint ventures;
  • new partners with whom to travel medium-long win-win paths.
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