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Head hunting Services

Whenever we launch a headhunting campaign, we always aim for real thoroughbred horses!
We wondered if we will be able to get him everything he needs to enhance his potential? Jockey, driving range, stables, geneticist, nutritionist, breeder, sponsor, etc.?
As with the racehorse, every project requires a team working in unison! For an innovative project, everything must be innovative. We have to create a close-knit team from scratch to cover all roles without neglecting even one

Head Hunting Campaigns: how we work

We have quite a large database of specialists who last had contact with us no more than 3 years ago.
Therefore we start a campaign on the profiles extracted from our database.
We publish on various virtual bulletin boards located on the most suitable websites for the requested profile.
When these results have not had a positive response, we launch campaigns mostly on Linkedin but very often also on alternative websites, such as freelancers etc.
When this campaign has also had a negative result, we look for the most suitable profiles on the internet and verify their ability through contacts close to them (friends and work colleagues).

Some of most requested profiles

  • Audit
  • Business Analyst
  • CAO, Controller Audit Officer
  • CISO
  • CMO
  • CSO, Customer Satisfaction Officer
  • CTO, Chief Technical Officer
  • Customer Service
  • CVO Chief Visionary Officer
  • DBM, Data Base Manager
  • Debt Collector
  • DQM
  • Graphic Designer
  • Information Security
  • Intern
  • Digital Marketer
  • QAO
  • Sales manager & Account manager
  • SQA Executive
  • Software Development
    • Devops
    • dot Net
    • Front-End
    • Java Developer
    • Lamp Developer
    • Magento Developer
    • Mobile APP
    • Python
    • Web Programmer
  • TL, Team Leader

Why Psychometric Testing

Why Psychometric Testing in Recruiting is Getting More Important

We use

Technical Tests

Technical Tests
We use


An independent contractor is self-employed. You enter into a contract with an independent contractor to do a specific role or complete a specific task. Contractors likely set their own hours and use their own tools. They may even work for more than one business. Since they are self-employed, you do not withhold taxes from their paychecks; they pay their own taxes and provide their own benefits.

1099 position is An employee is hired by your business under an employment agreement. You withhold taxes from their wages, train them, pay employment taxes for them, and may provide benefits. Because of this, you have more control over your employees — you dictate how and when they work.

How we work

We offer to the employers:

  • Loyalty bonus: A part of the salary if the collaborator does not resign prematurely
  • Performance bonus: A bonus of up to 15% for exceeding quality levels and respecting delivery times at the same time
  • A reference figure of Whistleblowing

We ask our customers

  • 2-month deposit to have liquidity in case of dismissal
  • 1-Monthly payment in advance
  • Performance awards
  • loyalty rewards
  • Compliance with the employee’s holiday calendar
  • Respect for working conditions according to UN human rights
  • Cover global market
  • Compliance with equal opportunities criteria
  • Respect for working hours
  • Payment of overtime
  • Compliance with the total hours not exceeding and not inferior to 25% of the contractual hours
  • Diversity inclusion
  • Respect for annual holidays in the amount of 2 working days for each month of work to be used up completely within the first 3 months of the following year and cannot be cashed in
  • Rotation of holiday periods to ensure continuity of service

Human rights


Hire 3% of freelance, at least

TEXT Recruiting

Citizen Developers

Who are they?

Citizen Developers: Who are they?
A citizen developer is an employee who creates application capabilities for consumption by themselves or others, using tools that are not actively forbidden by IT or business units. A citizen developer is a persona, not a title or targeted role. They report to a business unit or function other than IT.

All citizen developers are business technologists.  However, all business technologists are not necessarily citizen developers.  There is no required designation of proficiency or time allocation for citizen developers but they must be legal employees of an organization.



Reduces burden on IT departments. With the constant growth of applications and the regular need for troubleshooting existing apps, IT departments face difficult and mounting issues. Through LCNC, citizen development platforms ease the responsibility on IT personnel of creating apps and allow IT employees to handle other work. An IT department that isn’t overwhelmed with requests can also monitor the risks and rewards of citizen development — including necessary integrations and permissions required for an app to succeed.
Cost-effective. Citizen development creates a larger pool of employees with the ability to share resources and development tools. This approach reduces the need for IT professionals and the related costs, and it increases the technical understanding of everyone in the citizen developer community.
Increases productivity and efficiency. A focus on collaboration and speed improves efficiency and productivity. LCNC platforms use existing code to speed the creation of apps, and their ease of use enables user to make changes faster as a company evolves.

Constantly changing technology. With constant updates to applications and programs, consistent training and retraining of citizen developers is needed to keep pace with these revisions. Most citizen developers, especially those new to this business process, require guidance in becoming software developers.
Questionable quality. A lower-quality product can result if IT professionals don’t maintain oversight of a citizen developer’s work. From development to testing to the final product and its security, IT professionals remain an important piece in ensuring an application’s quality and functionality.


Our Presentation

Citizen Developers/ Our Presentation 
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