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Gender Equality

  • Engagement. We use the same engagement for both males and females. Each collaborator can request the type of engagement they prefer regardless of their gender.
  •  Working hours. Each collaborator can choose the number of hours per week that she prefers with the only constraint that it is between 15 and 25 hours. This time window allows everyone to dedicate time to their family or other personal interests. This window is certainly suitable for both women and men who share family activities equally with their partners. We believe that the part-time work proposed by us is the best interpretation for the defense of gender equality, age and working conditions tailored to each personal need. Furthermore, the job role could allow it to be carried out on a 24×7 work schedule with the only constraint of agreeing it with your project manager without any interference from the company.
  • Holidays. Each collaborator can present their own calendar of holidays which can include working days, religious holidays, national holidays, family anniversaries, holidays from work and even sabbatical periods. The obligation of the agreement with your project manager remains that it does not conflict with the previously established deadlines. However, this calendar can be freely modified provided that the modified dates are notified at least 45 days in advance. The company undertakes to organize a handover that does not impact the expected deadlines.
  • Hourly cost. the hourly price is set based on the role defined in the engagement and therefore does not depend on the employee’s age, length of experience, gender, place of work or residence.
  • Tongue. The official language is English
  • Payment. The payment methods are agreed upon signing the engagement. However, it can be modified with at least 2 weeks’ notice.
  • Hybrid world. Our human resources management policy includes the option called “hybrid”. It means that the collaborator can decide whether to work at the location of his choice or access one of our affiliated co-working spaces. Co-working spaces do not discriminate against sex or religion. There are some dressing codes declared by co-working that remain binding.
  • Applications and data bases. The data and applications reside on our servers which are within the infrastructure compatible with the digital sovereignty imposed by the end customer.
  • Job interview. Before the job interview, the collaborator can send a “blind” resume, so gender, religion, residence, time zone are not clear. After the job interview the collaborator will have to complete the application form with a photo and other information that does not include sexual orientation and religion.
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