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J-V, Joint-Venture Agreement

A Joint-Venture is a mutually beneficial agreement between two or more companies that have complementary resources.
That is, services, products, businesses, assets, and a customer list that has a relationship with the owner of the list that can be leveraged to minimize costs.

Our experience could be summed up in 4 points:

  1. We have used more than 500 software developers with different skills mostly based in Albania…

Innovation never Sleeps

The big news is that we live in a Golden Age of Innovation and all the gurus agree.

The adoption rate – how quickly the copycat effect takes among competitors – is an impressive new toy where all your rivals can sport the same ball. You have to imagine it as a neural network that branches out bringing the lifeblood of innovation to every sector that benefits our existence.

This entry was influenced by the book…

Innovation spread out across Organizations

Once an innovation started freely circulating in the bloodstream of an industry, it seemed to cause mutations rather than uniformity.

By now everyone agrees that innovation no longer concerns the product, but the business model adopted. An enlightening book to read: explore which describes 53 basic business models from which to create infinite combinations…

Ride the Golden Age of Innovation?

You can find an innovation even in one corner of the planet and every type of organization can exploit it.

The train of innovation must be caught immediately because the next one may pass when the competitive advantage may have faded.

The key to capturing success lies in flexibility, creativity, and an adequate financial budget…

Small Organizations have an Advantage

Jack Ma, Patron of Alibaba, argues that in this climate, small organizations made up of fewer than 30 employees (max 30 years old) with irrepressible enthusiasm and passion are at an advantage. 

Naturally they need a network of expertise that they can source within the single border of planet Earth…

International Trade Connections

and Offshoring, and Software Development Relocation

We understand the following terms:

  • Trade Connection: we refer to the activities managed in partnership with other companies or institutions located in other countries;
  • Offshoring: we refer to the relocation of firms’ activities across the national borders of a firm;
  • Relocation: is focused to establish a software development unit in he national borders…

Trade Connections
in Japan

In Japan, a joint venture is the structure permitted under Japanese Law that enables Japanese and foreign companies to combine their knowledge and resources to work as a single team. The joint venture gives partners the opportunity to leverage each other’s strengths while compensating for any weaknesses…

in Nevada, United States

Do you know that Nevada can offer you… 

  • Consistently one of the top 10 most business-friendly states.
  • No corporate income tax. No personal income tax. No franchise tax on income. No inventory tax. No inheritance or gift tax. No estate tax.
  • Low-cost startup, regulatory, licensing and annual fees…

in Albania

Albania has passed laws in favor of developers and of foreign companies that employ indigenous labor stand out. In the recent past years, the AL Universities started with English-language lessons and the senior developers was hired for remote working for a lot of US, DE, GB, and many other EU companies to became expert using high standard methodologies…

SW Dev Unit, and Trade Connection
in Senegal

  • SW Development units available;
  • Marine Business. Fish and seafood is increasing considerably with enormous prospects;
  • The typically sunny and seasonal Senegalese farming;
  • Medical equipment business;
  • Dried fruits business…

SW Development unit and trade connection in Morocco

We are happy to work with some skilled software developers. Some profitable business ideas:
  • Renewable energy in Morocco.
  • Moroccan automotive industry.
  • Fast food business.
  • Poultry business.
  • Breakfast cereals production…

SW Dev Unit, and Trade Connection
in Algeria

Best business opportunities to start in Algeria:

  • Fashion, clothes, and beauty business;
  • Travel agency;
  • Construction company and real-estate business;
  • Art-business;
  • Food truck…

Why HR is a Hybrid World

High productivity occurs when the group of workers feels like they are part of a team that helps each other to speed up delivery and continuously improve quality.

Hiring valuable employees and keeping them attached to the company becomes increasingly difficult as the demand for software developers continues to grow around the world, making the current deficit increasingly worse.

If managers are flexible, intelligent with an enlightened strategy, they can create a hybrid environment where developers are cohesive and highly productive.

Head Hunting Service

We need to find an human resource immediately ready, with the right background. We are not afraid to look for him in the most remote corners of the world, managing several time zones, several cultures, religions, habits…

HR Management Service

In the hybrid working world, each employee organizes their own working hours, location, holidays and time zone.
The HR manager must have acquired specific experience to make a multi-ethnic team cohesive and have platforms optimized for this particular management…

Education & Coaching

Coaching, training, education, tutoring, on boarding might be assigned to a socio-psychological background professional to guarantee the new hire will improve the stability of the team and will add value which will increase productivity and cohesion…


Hiring-out Service

We use the term “hiring out” instead of “body renting” because this disrespectful term doesn’t relieves the potential of the new hire. In this role we are engaged in administrative and logistical territory: contracts, resignations, location, benefits, shifts, absences, payment of wages and overtime…