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Why go back to basics? What has changed?


Now the technology is so diverse and this area of safety is felt in its genuine gravity on a planetary level that new technologies have become accessible.

But above all the costs are sustainable and the perception of importance is now more pervasive in all of the company’s employees.
In other words, is it possible to enclose all the digital know-how of our company in a virtual fence, including either the data of customers with whom we have signed an exaggeratedly “halter” NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) agreement?
Is it possible to modify the fence in a simple and fast way based on the evolution of the software and of the managed data?
In more practical terms.

  • Where are the history of personal emails kept? Which emails are online and which are offline?
  • The personal Excel sheets, the departmental ones, the data windows at different levels of confidentiality where are they?
  • Where are the Word documents produced by each collaborator stored and who can access them?
  • Are the databases used by each application sufficiently controlled?
  • How crucial are “texts”, more-or-less recorded phone calls, chats and webchats, and how much are they traceable and who is enabled to do so?
  • In short, all information that enters and exits in the thousand possible channels that every employee of the company continuously accesses, must be kept limited or is it really impossible and therefore might as well not think about it?
  • Could one start deciding which channels are to be strictly protected and kept within digital sovereignty and which channels are considered not to be part of digital sovereignty?

These are questions that frighten imagining how complicated and expensive it is to even carry out the survey to arrive at conclusions that are not reasonably applicable without compromising the current corporate industriousness.
But one could start with a soft and painless method and gradually raise the cultural and operational standards without interruption, making sure that the corporate culture is able to consciously adapt by sharing the corporate vision and feeling part of those who have the privilege of being an integral part of the mechanism and not grains swallowed by the mechanism driven by others.

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