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at the beginning of computing, half a century ago, digital sovereignty was indispensable and uncompromising, but now?


The IBM culture tied cybersecurity to physical security because computers were concentrated in one place and not connected. It was enough to put gates, doors with remote controlled opening by a security officer, closed circuit cameras, doors with opening from the inside, badges, etc.
Then, with the advent of personal computers, information was distributed to each location and therefore physical protection no longer made sense.
Now, in an all-connected world, every mobile phone can access information of all kinds at any level of security.
Public cloud services are an irresistible prospect but with big security trade-offs.
Private cloud services are too expensive compared to public ones and therefore, before adopting it, we are willing to compromise on security.
Hybrid clouds makes sense but their management is complicated and therefore few are able to take advantage of them effectively.
In short, none of these infrastructures can be defined as a “killer solution”.
Is it possible to succeed in combining high security, transparency of use and simple management at sustainable costs?

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Last Updated on April 27, 2024 by admin