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Why eCaaS/ eCommerce-as-a-Service


Things seem easy before starting, when your business idea has just come out of the drawer and you realize that the offers on the market don’t satisfy you 100%.
Because if you want to sell B2B services, you immediately discover that there are no global services marketplaces that have been successful.

There are many platforms specialized in the sale of digital products, such as images, plug-ins, templates, etc. but on which platform could we sell website development or web to print?

If there are marketplaces of digital “services”, in reality, with the aim of simplifying commercial communication, they reduce the service to digital products with some – but not many – options…

Around you will find as a pioneer who proposes the transition of commerce systems from traditional to online by embracing a modern and flexible modular commerce solution.

In practice it must always have a project manager (technical enough) who invents an architecture based on a “not big bang” approach.

So instead of spending months on end building an entirely new architecture, closing your eyes, flipping the switch, and praying for the best, composable commerce lets you use the strangler fig scheme.

But we have gone further, we certainly share an ecosystem that bans the strangler fig, but we want to totally eliminate from your team the technicians, software architects, project manager, customer care, digital marketer, online sales rep and all the figures who are not part of your know-how which instead is radically focused on your core business.
All this without ever being the strangler fig because we share your goals in a win-win or at worst lose-lose logic because our core business is to create ecommerce that immediately go to operational break-even by reducing your investment to a minimum.


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Last Updated on April 30, 2024 by admin