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GDPR & e-mail Marketing


It would seem that complying with the GDPR means decimating the customer base.
In reality, the tenth that remains is the good one for doing business!

All the rest would never have bought or would only buy if we could identify and target the goals and needs our lead is focused on today.
Its focuses must be discovered and kept updated almost weekly because priorities and intensities change.
The example of Dotmailer is illuminating and has taught us.
The key is to send a certain email (practically – or almost – mandatory, according to the GDPR) when the lead hasn’t interacted for a long time (marketing jargon is “lapsed customer”) or when the lead has just made an – even minimal – activity on the website.
This email is both profiling and necessary to keep the “Record Keeping” required by the GDPR updated, which Dotmailer prefers to call more captivatingly the “Preference Center”.

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Last Updated on April 27, 2024 by admin