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  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) applies to any organization that processes the personal data of EU/UK citizens, regardless of where the organization is located.
  • ADPPA (American Data and Privacy Protection Act)
Right to access Art. 15: list of items to be provided Sec. 203(a)(1): list of items to be provided; only for data processed within 24 months prior to request
Right to information Privacy notice: content in Art. 13/14 Privacy notice: content in sec.202(b)
Right to rectification Art. 16: inaccurate or incomplete data Sec. 203(a)(2): inaccurate or incomplete information
Right to erasure Art. 17(1): data processed by controller if one of the conditions in para 1 apply;


Exceptions in Art. 17(3)

Sec. 203(a)(3): data processed by covered entity

Exceptions in Sec. 203(e)(3)(A)(x)

Right to data portability Art. 20 Sec. 203(a)(4)
Right to withdraw consent Art. 7(3): withdraw if data processing is based on consent Sec. 204(a): withdraw consent to data transfers
Right to object/opt-out Art. 21(1): if one of the conditions of para 1 apply

Art. 21(2-3): absolute right for marketing purposes

Sec. 204(b): object to data transfers unless based on permissible purpose. Absolute right for marketing purposes
Right to restriction of processing Art. 18(1): if one of the conditions of para 1 apply /
Algorithmic decision-making Art. 22(1): prohibited if legally or similarly affecting individual


Art. 22(2): exceptions

Sec. 207: prohibition of discrimination unless for self-testing or to diversify applicant/participant/customer pool


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