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Does it Make Sense to Integrate Alien Languages to Reduce Maintenance Costs?


Code generators have been successful in particular applications and above all in the creation of a prototype when it is not possible to produce adequately precise requirements.

Once the prototype is built quickly, at low cost, it will be much easier to write exhaustive and rigorous requirements.

Sometimes, when the prototype is built, the temptation to bring it into production is irresistible!

From this moment on, the application undergoes slight changes. Subsequently the changes become more and more profound, forgetting that the software was born to be only a prototype.

When you realize that the development method does not allow you to go further, it may be too late. From this point on the cost to rewrite it from scratch on top of the costs already incurred have exhausted the budget. So, we ask ourselves: are there alternatives to bring refactoring back to sustainable costs?

Let’s take a step back.

The weaknesses of any code generator, including PHPRunner, are:

  1. the masks are practically standard (to remain in the minimization of times and costs);
  2. the functionality is basic with some special features;
  3. Complex algorithms are difficult to implement.

Getting out of the schemes foreseen by the language becomes the stuff of experts and therefore expensive and the limits, even if removed, do not completely disappear.

The most immediate solution would be that the critical modules, for performance, for UX, for complexity should be rewritten in a language more appropriate to the needs.

PHPRunner provides “easy” integration with PHP, ASP net and WordPress.

Unfortunately, the documentation is scarce and those who have managed to obtain significant results are few and very jealous of the know-how achieved with hard work and a lot of time spent.

So, we are part of this small circle of pioneers, and we are ready to put ourselves to the test when you are evaluating the criticality of your investment with respect to the available budget.

Contact us to check if we have a concrete proposal for your specific case.

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Last Updated on April 27, 2024 by admin