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Why eCaaS/ eCommerce-as-a-Service

eCaaS stands for eCommerce-as-a-Service.
It is an alternative to developing a proprietary eCommerce website and also an alternative to displaying your products on a marketplace such as or or or

Adopt a Kitten

The business of selling a kitten, and any other small pet, is very complicated because whoever intends to adopt a kitten wants to stay with it for a long time before being convinced of the successful outcome of coexistence.

We knew that we had to make available many videos of the puppies’ daily life from which the customer could choose the one to share the next few years with.

Naturally we would have had to sell not only the puppy to be adopted, but also video sessions and periods of real meetings to verify the reciprocity of feelings between the future owner and his puppy.

Adopt a Nanny

A mother-manager, who doesn’t want to give up her business trips and doesn’t even want to abandon her baby who is a few months old yet not yet of school age, must find the person who will take care of her child as soon as she disembarks from her flight.
So how does this mother-manager calm down?

Adopt an Olive Tree

Many olive groves sell the usufruct of a tree to the final customer. What do you have to invent to offer a special idea that can beat your competitors? 


Generating leads is not easy considering your competitors on the internet are getting bigger and bigger and you have to win the competition to get a persuaded advantage from your competitors.

The path requires a joint commitment both on your part and on our part but if we are determined, we will succeed as it has already happened with previous assignments.
If you are interested in undertaking this journey with us, it is necessary to book well in advance because this activity is very demanding and must be managed by dedicated expert people which is a very limited resource.


If you have a dream in your drawer and you want to get it out of the drawer to share it with someone, then you can try it with us.

Web to Cooking

Here you find the realization of the dream of a chef who wanted his customer to see what and how he had cooked the food which he then saw delivered to his home

Web to Curtains

Here is the realization of a craftsman who makes curtains who had decided to make a precise estimate without being forced to go for an inspection. Go to the customer only to assemble it, if any!

Web to Print

You will have found many sites similar to this one for online printing. But online quoting is always a huge problem if you want to optimize the use of your machinery to be more competitive with this inflated market of suppliers.

It was our first experience in late 2016 and only this year has our client set sail on his own, after more than 4 years of fruitful collaboration.

Last Updated on February 13, 2024