Altos Web Solutions, inc. – 5725 Bravo Ave, Reno, NV 89506 USA

Benefits: Marketing, Sales, Operations, Profitability


  • Custom application optimized on customer needs;
  • Development costs comparable to a PHP/WordPress application (no suitable plug-ins were found);
  • More robust maintenance because it is totally independent from the versioning of all WordPress/PHP environments etc.;
  • Better performance because it uses professional software development methods with compiled and uninterpreted executables.
  • Greater autonomy because it is developed with internal skills. Hence the longest and least expensive software lifecycle.

The solution adopted has achieved the following benefits
MARKETING: High reputation
an elegant, customer oriented solution, which allows us to position ourselves in a very competitive position with respect to the market.
The welcome gift provides a high reputation and a preliminary guarantee for the user who wants to be sure that the purchase will not hold any surprises.

Optimized prices because everything is automated and customized for worldwide, European and Italian users in particular.
Connection to special offers, bundles and very appealing pricing with increasingly attractive progressive discount logic to encourage purchase.


  • Very compact purchase with a minimum number of clicks;
  • Waiting times between one phase and the next are extremely short;
  • Availability of two currencies: USD & EUR;
  • Possibility of international and European and also Italian invoicing.

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