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Beautify Data Table/ Why Make Tables More Attractive

A “beautiful to look at” table is not only marketing but helps to make yourself understood why the recipient is encouraged to analyze the data and does so with greater interest and faster and therefore more emotionally involved.

534 pages as a compendium of rules and directives on United Nations editorial style, publication policies, procedures and practice.

It’s a very attractive starting pint to create your own style.

some very useful alternative but none of them are 100% compliant with the complete set of formulas of MS Excel.

to port your “office/printable” tables to your website you need a professional plug-in to allow you to be compliant with your own style.

If you want to use an emulator server, you need a set of reliable libraries that your software can call. Give a quick glance to our software selection

Excel has a functionality very attractive to reach the best version of your personal budget. It is called “What-if”…

Overdoing everything in Excel can drastically reduce its performance. What can you do to make it stylish and reliable?

When you are used to Excel, you want to have it in every environment and in every application. It’s almost like a drug and you become an Excel-Addict!

Writing a long nested formula with Excel is really frustrating. We have to find a way to mitigate that.

Last Updated on February 13, 2024